Studio Nord Sessions

Dot Time Records International Artists Series
Live Recording Concert at Studio Nord Bremen
Dot Time Records (DTR) is pleased to announce an exciting new concert series for 2018 named

Studio Nord Sessions

This new concert series will feature Dot Time Record artists performing in the intimate and warm surroundings of Studio Nord Bremen. Known for its impressive acoustic vintage recording abilities, each concert will also be recorded and released as a special limited edition vinyl under the Dot Time Records Vinyl brand as the Studio Nord Sessions.

“I have always felt that a recording studio was a perfect place for concertizing.” said Dot Time Records founder Jo Bickhardt. “For an artist to connect with their audience to bring out the fullness of the emotional nuances are difficult to assume in a studio recording. By involving a studio audience, it also places the attendee in the element of the recording, therefore making them a part of the shared experience. Studio Nord Bremen is the perfect environment to capture these acoustic properties and elements. I am excited to partner with them for this concert series and look forward to creating more of these types of events for our artists.”

The Concert Series Dates are:
May 12th, featuring vocalist Deborah Carter with Zandscape
June 16th, featuring Brazilian vocalist Martie with Marco Lobo
September 22nd featuring Spanish Trumpet Master David Pastor
December 8th featuring Italian vocalist Chiara Izzi .

September 22nd will be the third concert in the series featuring Spanish Trumpet Master David Pastor and his International Quartet. ‘Entitled The Film Sessions’, you can deduce from the name, the band plays arrangements based on famous (and not that famous) sound tracks from important movies; Chinatown, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Black Orpheus, Saturday night fever and other memorable films.