Mark Zandveld

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Track Listing:

1. Boptopus Maximus | 2. We R D Minority | 3. Chachamorphosis | 4. Newsstand Art | 5. Dimwitz | 6. Careful Now | 7. African Heat | 8. Barhopping Big Time | 9. I Know Who I Am (Una Mesa Para Seis) | 10. Stay The Dance (Wait Till The End .

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There are a few things that one needs to be aware of when listening to the compositions of Zandzemble. It is the musical brain-child or musings of a thoughtful composer, Mark Zandveld using his genius to create lyrical, melodic tone structure while employing numerous natural instrumentation’s or tones. The compositions speak for themselves, full of lyrical lines, well placed counter-points and harmonic layering, influenced by the warmth of the Classical string and the tacit back-line of Jazz styling’s, always there, expressive, raw and courageous.