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Artist: Zandscape

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Mark Zandveld,bass | Gunnar Graafmans, vibraphone | Daniel “Tato” de Moraes, guitar | Enrique Firpi, drums

Track Listing
1. Barhopping | 2. Wait Till the End | 3. Bobtopus | 4. Strangeness | 5. What a Diff’rence the Bass Makes | 6. Herbal Brew | 7. Night Song | 8. Padoodedap | 9. Slow Funk | 10. Friday Morning | 11. Bouncing Bubbles | 12. Joy Felt


Zandscape is the brainchild of Dutch bassist Mark Zandveld. Teamed with vibraphonist Gunnar Graafmans (Holland/Sweden), guitarist Daniel “Tato” de Moraes (Uruguay) and drummer Enrique Firpi (Uruguay), he has found a combination that produces a unique sound, not only because of the less common instrumentation, and but also because the fresh variety of tunes each has its own distinct character. The music is melodic and adventurous, reminiscent of 70’s ECM sound by Corea, Burton, Jarret, Metheny and Swallow, but with a contemporary dressing.


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