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2 Suites for Jazz Orchestra


Artist: Oscar Del Barba

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Oscar Del Barba: conductor | Dave Liebman: soprano Sax

The Jazz Orchestra
Carlo Nicita: flute, alto flute, piccolo | Christian Thoma: oboe, english horn | Guido Bombardieri: soprano sax, alto sax, clarinet | Achille Succi: alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet | Massimiliano Milesi: tenor sax | Francesco Bigoni: tenor sax, clarinet | Rossano Emili: baritone sax, bass clarinet | Daniele Giardina: 1st trumpet/flugelhorn | Fabio Bau: 2nd trumpet/flugelhorn | Massimo Greco: 3rd trumpet/flugelhorn | Paolo Malacarne: 4th trumpet/flugelhorn | Andrea Andreoli: 1st trombone | Silvio Bernardi: 2nd trombone | Beppe Caruso: 3rd trombone | Carlo Grandi: 4th trombone/tuba | Domenico Caliri: guitar | Alessandro Savino: piano | Salvatore Maiore: double bass, electric bass | Vittorio Marinoni: drums

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Oscar Del Barba has been released from the Jazz Big Band witness protection program, or so it seems. This newly discovered award winning Italian composition master is a new name which jazz supporters will have to take note of. Filled with melodic hues and shades, Del Barba has approached a range of musical genres (Jazz, Cuban, Argentinean, Brazilian music) which, together with his classical thoughts, have given rise to an original personal style influencing his compositions as well as his improvisation.