Stefan Bauer: Voyage West


RELEASE DATE: September 21st, 2018


Tammy Scheffer – voice
Chris Bacas – saxophones
Stefan Bauer – marimba/vibraphone
Jim Vivian – bass
Greg Ritchie – drums


1. Gimli (3.27)
2. Fine Line (5:08)
3. Flanuer (5:36)
4. In The Town of Springhill, Nova Scotia (8:06)
5. Talk Time (4:05)
6. Entre Nous (4:26)
7. Echoes (4:13)
8. First Snow (7:16)
9. Caravan (9:10)
10. Some Other Time (4:56)


The music of celebrated marimba/vibe-player and composer Stefan Bauer’s ensemble VOYAGE WEST is contemporary jazz beyond categories, taking the listener on a borderless journey – both sonically and culturally. A journey shared between American-infused Modern Jazz and “a kind of ‘world music’ that cannot be found on any map” (Maurice Hogue, ONE MAN’S JAZZ).

Built around the unusual front line of voice, saxophone and the rarely-heard sound of Bauer’s spectacular 5-octave marimba, his compositions contain…“romantic and impressionistic elements, enriched by sharpness and formal awareness, and by magnificent sounds full of fantasy” (UdoSpelleken, Rheinische Post/Germany), brought to life by an outstanding quintet of sophisticated musical improvisers.