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Shoeless and the Girl


Artist: Theo Jackson

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Theo Jackson, piano, vocals | Huntly Gordon, double bass | Marco Quarantotto, drums | Leo Richardson, tenor saxophone (2 & 8) | Nathaniel Facey, alto saxophone (1) | Quentin Collins, flugelhorn (4)

Track Listing
1. Little Do You Know | 2. Moonchild | 3. Lonesome George | 4. Shoeless and the Girl | 5. Footprints | 6. Bella’s Coming Home | 7. Wild Flower | 8. Peu m’iporte | 9. Love and a Shoestring | 10. Camberwell Butterfly

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While the foundations for this highly original release lie squarely in jazz, Theo Jackson’s songs have a distinctive voice and incorporate a multitude of ideas and genres. Drawn from the imagination of a natural storyteller his songs have an ethereal, other-worldly quality and yet they are grounded in reality. Theo is an original artist, a creative mind, a modern-day troubadour.