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Scatter The Atoms That Remain: Exultation


ARTIST: Scatter The Atoms That Remain

Franklin Kiermyer – Drums

Jovan Alexandre –  Saxophone

Davis Whitfield – piano

Otto Gardner – bass

Release Date April 26th, 2019


  1. Transformation (8:34) | 2. Vishvarupa (6:51) | 3. Between Two Suns (9:02) 4. Processional (4:32) | 5. The First Bardo (10:20) | 6. You Say It’s So (6:46) | 7. Exultation (3:00) | 8. The Promised Land (3:01) | 9. Maratika (8:31)



Franklin Kiermyer has found the perfect vehicle for his spirit.  Scatter The Atoms That Remain  combines the emotional , spiritual and compositional forces that harkens back to Franklin’s epic release Solomon’s Daughter (recently reissued by Dot Time Records). Franklin has continued Coltrane’s legacy not as a tribute band but as a starting off point to help charter unknown worlds. This ensemble is a formidable Quartet.  As you listen to this release you will feel the communication between the musicians and the respect they have for each other. As the band states on their website, The Soul – the heart – the qualities that set us free…this  transformative power of music is what Scatter The Atoms That Remain is all about.