Nicole Zuraitis: All Wandering Hearts


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ARTIST: Nicole Zuraitis

Release Date: July 31, 2020


Nicole Zuraitis – voice, piano, compositions, arrangements (BMI) 1-10
Idan Morim- guitars 1-10
Dan Pugach – drums 1-8,10
Alex Busby Smith – bass 1-8,10
Carmen Staaf – rhodes, organ  2,3,6
Thana Alexa – vocals 1,3,10
Elise Testone – vocals 1, 3
Chase Potter – strings 1, 2
Rich Lamb – auxiliary keyboards 3, 4, 6


1. Make It Flood (4:40) | 2. The Way Home (4:55) | 3. I Would Die For You (4:08) | 4. Overdrive Mind (4:58) | 5. What A Wonderful World (3:11) | 6. Gold (5:27) | 7. Sugar Spun Girl (4:03) | 8. Rock Bottom (4:48) | 9. Lullabye (3:13) | 10. Send Me On My Way (4:26)




Grammy® Nominated Vocalist, Pianist, Composer and Arranger Nicole Zuraitis’ fourth album as a bandleader, All Wandering Hearts explores the raw emotions and tribulations of life on the road as a full-time musician.  Following up on her critically acclaimed and award winning release Hive Mind (DT9071), listeners will take a journey through genre-bending jazz-adjacent soundscapes that are both complex and lyrical in nature.  Delving into themes of love, loss, and exploration, the album is an insight into the experience of the creative mind in today’s socio-political climate.  Alongside Nicole, the album features an all-star cast of New York City based musicians including Idan Morim on guitar, Dan Pugach on drums, Alex Busby Smith on bass, Carmen Staaf on the rhodes and organ, Thana Alexa on vocals, Elise Testone on vocals and Chase Potter on strings.