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Nicole Zuraitis – vocal, piano, rhodes
Dan Pugach – drums, percussion
Idan Morim – guitar, effects
Alex Busby Smith – electric bass
Carmen Staaf – wurlitzer, rhodes
Rich Lamb – organ
Nandini Srikar – Carnatic voice

Release Date January 26, 2018


1. Move On | 2. Out of My Heart | 3. The Inscription | 4. Idle | 5. Jolene | 6. Sunny Side | 7. Failing  | 8. Episodes | 9. Pure Imagination | 10. Shirley’s Waltz


Award winning singer/songwriter Nicole Zuraitis’s new release on Dot Time Records
chronicles themes close to her heart, including an unflinching love of family and friends
delivered with a sincere spirit that finds release in eight intimate original compositions (and
two covers) which span genres. Nicole’s personal journey as an advocate for the mentally
health-challenged lays bare her feelings and emotions throughout Hive Mind. The album
questions the stigma surrounding mental health concerns as Nicole dedicates the music to
a close relative who suffers from schizophrenia. Nicole’s songs sound undeniably joyous,
performed in her kinetic style, but hold hidden truths. After hearing Hive Mind, you’d
expect nothing less.