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Hidden Roots


Artist; Julia Karosi

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Júlia Karosi, Vocal | Áron Tálas, Piano, Vocal | Ádám Bögöthy, Bass | Bendegúz Varga, Drums | Tobias Meinhart, Tenor Saxophone | Linda Kovács, Vocal

Track Listing

1. The Miraculous Deer | 2. Édesanyám rózsafája | 3. Noah’s Ark | 4. Imhol kerekedik | 5. Hidden Roots | 6. Floating Island | 7. Seed | 8. Race Against Time | 9. Szól a kakas már | 10. Sinus Motion 11. Hymn to Love


Julia Karosi is one of Hungary’s top jazz vocalists. After graduating from the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest, Julia founded her own quartet in 2011. “Hidden Roots” is her second CD as a leader and the follow-up to the successful “Stroller of the City Streets” released in February, 2012. “Hidden Roots” contain’s a number of Julia’s new compositions and as the name eludes to, arrangements of Hungarian folk songs. The compositions are beautifully and intelligently written, performed with great inspiration, crossing all boundaries of jazz.