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Artist: Uli Beckerhoff

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Uli Beckerhoff, Trumpet Fluegelhorn | Richard Brenner, Piano | Moritz Goetzen, Double Bass Niklas Walter, Drums Percussion | Tim Buecher, Guitar (tracks 4. & 8.)

Track Listing
1. Bye bye, Kenny | 2. Nach vorne, endlos … | 3. Capo d`Orlando | 4. Meteo | 5. Sarah | 6. My unseen movie | 7. Suenado | 8. Heroes | 9. Don’t throw you heart away | 10. Finally free 11. Destination east | 12. Das helle Hören | 13. Tango tragico

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Ulrich (Uli) Beckerhoff is one of the world’s top trumpeters. With over 40 releases to his credit, his debut Dot Time release brings us ‘Heroes’, a musical homage to the heroes that help craft him as an internationally acclaimed musician, composer and teacher. The album reads like a concert set list, filled with the lyrical emotion and raw sensitivity, the musical wink and playful smile of the virtuoso, the professor still teaching his young ensemble, all former students from his days at the conservatory in Essen, to feel and play above the din.