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Artist: Greg Diamond

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Greg Diamond, Guitar | Seamus Blake, Tenor Saxophone | Brian Hogans, Alto Saxophone | Mike Eckroth, Piano | Edward Perez, Bass | Henry Cole, Drums | Mauricio Herrera, Congas

Track Listing
1. Yvette | 2. Enertia | 3. El Martillo | 4. El Pozo | 5. Turbulence | 6. La Poor Sweet | 7. Song for Jerry (Mi Viejo) | 8. Chance


The Greg Diamond Band is a collective of emerging NYC artists that interprets Latin-infused contemporary jazz. Diamond puts forth a diverse array of original music that is fresh, innovative, and widely appealing. ‘Conduit’ is a session of contemporary modern jazz, infused with Latin rhythms and elements of jazz-rock fusion, funk, bebop and a touch of the blues. The music is a hodgepodge of different influences, melding nicely into one superb package performed by a first-rate group of musicians.


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