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Gdyby każdy z nas…


Artist: Monika Lidke

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Track Listing:

1. Gdyby każdy z nas… | 2. Pożądanie | 3. Wrażliwość | 4. Domyślam się | 5. Na czerwonym świetle | 6. Spacerujemy | 7. Pastorałka | 8. Idę miastem | 9. Skapuje słońce | 10. Via dell’Amore | 11. Liczę do dwóch | 12. Martwią się o Ciebie | 13. Spacerujemy (remix by Komodo). .

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London based folk-jazz singer-songwriter Monika Lidke’s third album is her first ever project exclusively in Polish, her native language. In this love-letter to her mother tongue, Lidke takes us on a journey, having created sublime musical arrangements to the poems of contemporary Polish poet – Andrzej Ballo. The depth and the ever-changing moods of the lyrics allowed Monika to express a wide range of emotions and ideas – from oneness to infinity, from empathy to desire, from tenderness to longing, from joyful sun rays to a loving fascination on “Via dell’Amore”. Here we are walking inside the poet’s mind, Monika’s music, performed by Poland’s best jazz musicians and the singer’s UK based band.