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Catherine Russell: Alone Together (Vinyl)


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  • Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl

Catherine Russell


The Musicians:

Catherine Russell – vocals

Matt Munisteri – guitars; musical director

Mark Shane – piano

Tal Ronen – bass

Mark McLean – drums; percussion (2)

Jon-Erik Kellso – trumpet (A1,2,5,B1,2)

John Allred – trombone (A1,2,5,B1,2)

Evan Arntzen – tenor saxophone (1,2,4,5,6,7,)

Dana Lyn – violin (B4)

Eddy Malave – viola (B4)

Marika Hughes – cello (B4)

Arrangements by:

Mark Lopeman – (A1,5,B1)

Jon-Erik Kellso – (A2,B1; adaptation based on M. Lopeman arrangement)

Matt Munisteri – (B3)

Dana Lyn – String arrangement (B4)


Track Listing

Side A

1     01   Alone Together (4:11)

2     02  Early In The Morning    (4:13)

3     03   You Turned The Tables On Me (3:42)

4     04  He May Be Your Dog But He’s Wearing My Collar (4:09)

5     05   Shake Down The Stars (3:44)

Total Side 20:00

Side B

6     01   Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? (5:08)

7     02   You Can’t Pull The Wool  Over My Eyes (2:41).

8     03   I Only Have Eyes For You (3:44)

9     04   When Did You Leave Heaven? (5:05)

10   05   You’re Not The Only Oyster In The Stew (3:51).

Total Side 20:29



Produced by Paul Kahn, Catherine Russell, and Katherine Miller

Executive Producer: Catherine Russell

Engineered and Mixed by Katherine Miller, Annandale Recording

Recorded by Katherine Miller

at Sear Sound, New York, NY, August 20-22, 2018

Assistant Engineer: Owen Mulholland

Vinyl Mastering by Casper Sutton-Jones at Gearbox Records, London, UK

Photography: Sandrine Lee



“Jazz is a variety of all music, and the only way to sum up music, there ain’t but two things in music: good and bad. Now if it sounds good to you, don’t worry what it is – you just go out and enjoy it. See what I mean? And anything you can pat your foot to is good music!” — Louis Armstrong, 1955

Alone Together, is Grammy winning vocalist Catherine Russell’s seventh studio album as a leader and her first release 0n vinyl. Meticulously mastered by for vinyl by Casper Sutton-Jones at Gearbox Records, London, UK , Catherine’s finds songs from the great artists of the past that particularly connect with present times, and manages to give them a modern spin.  Selecting tunes which first emerged during the Swing Era, Catherine’s renditions are given birth in the recording studio by the core musicians of her touring band for the past decade. On Alone Together, Catherine Russell’s curatorial skills shine brightly, plucking compositions where the lyric and harmonic structure draw her in on a deeply personal level. The listener invariably is seduced by her interpretive wiles.