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Blew By Blues


Artist: John Menegon

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Track Listing:

1. Blew By Blues | 2. First Touch | 3. Hymn For Charlie | 4. Lonely Heartache | 5. The Good Life | 6. Nice Eyes | 7. Our Spanish Love Song | 8. One and Only | 9. Devonian Lilt. .

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John Menegon’s “Quartet East” recording, “Blew By Blues,” consists of six original compositions, as well as songs by Charlie Haden and Ornette Coleman. The recording is a collective undertaking that embodies the similarities shared through improvisation, allowing a common thread that weaves together the present and the past. “Blew By Blues” encourages the listener to grab onto the music as it passes by, and to take part in the playful dance that is brought to life throughout the recording.