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Artist: Lucette van den Berg

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Lucette van den Berg, Vocals | Reinout Vrijhoef, Guitar | Madelien Verheij, Violin | Sanne Möricke, Accordeon | Andrew Read, Bass | Ines Klink, Percussion

Track Listing
1. A kleyn wiglid far a groyse libe | 2. Ikh nob a shvalb gezen | 3. A toyb mit a toyb | 4. Wolekh Di waynshlbeymer blien | 5. Akaties-Wals | 6. Di freylekhe Kretshme | 7. Der wint fun berg | 8. Khrizantemen | 9. Harbstike balade | 10. Fli mayn foygl | 11. Benkshaft | 12. Woz iz geblibn oyf der welt | 13. Ownt | 14. Lucette


It might seem like the Latin American standards and Lucette van den Berg’s Yiddish music are worlds apart, but in fact they’re more like kindred spirits. What they share is a deep sense of feeling and the ability to tell a story through music. “Benkshaft” is the third album from Lucette van den Berg. Here her congenial understanding of Yiddish balladry is allowed to shine. The accompaniment is sparse, but effective and the combination of guitar, upright bass, subtle percussion and classic Klezmer- instruments like violin and accordion provide the perfect foil for Van den Berg’s musical tales.