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Oscar Del Barba

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1. Petite chanson | 2. Ritmiko | 3. Occhi | 4. Tutto d’un fiato | 5. Landscape | 6. Episodes | 7. Tritonius | 8. Ricardo di S | 9. Hommage à Bartóck | 10. Blackmail . .

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Autoritratto is the second album from Oscar Del Barba on Dot Time Records. This album presents Oscar alone with his instrument in a solo piano outing. The album features 10 original tracks, both through-composed and improvised. Musically, this album straddles the boundaries of Classical and Jazz with elements of minimal music while at the same time never straying far from the Jazz tradition. Oscar’s performance is immaculate throughout, showing his full control of technique. This album would be at home in any piano lover’s collection no matter what your favourite music style is.