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Adeiu Tristesse

Artist: Arik Strauss

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Arik Strauss, Piano

Track Listing
1. Adieu Tristesse | 2. Classical Moments 1 | 3. Classical Moments 2 | 4. Classical Moments 3 | 5. Meditatzia | 6. Classical Moments 4 | 7. Melancholic Nocturne | 8. Adieu Tristesse (Short Version)


“Adieu Tristesse” (farewell to sadness) is accomplished Israeli pianist Arik Strauss’ second Dot Time Records release. With this recording, Arik stresses that classical and jazz music always exist alongside one another. Beautifully performed, Arik enhances the aesthetic level of classical composition with powerful jazz improvisation. His passionate mastery of the keyboard in quite evident here, displaying the many shades of sadness to the robust energy brought from joy, the full range of emotions.