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Artist: Paola Vera

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Track Listing:

1. One last time | 2. Get out my face | 3. If things were easy | 4. One day | 5. More than meets the eye | 6. Fight it or surrender | 7. Addicted | 8. Home | 9. Rat Race | 10. Only in our dreams | 11. Now that I’ve found you .

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Addicted is Paola Vera’s second album and her debut with Dot Time Records.  Following on from the success of her debut album ‘Spellbound‘ (Pathway records) ‘Addicted’ delights us again with her talent for crafting memorable melodies that tie together her uniquely enticing blend of Jazz tinged Pop. The album features eleven original compositions by Paola and shares her beguiling take on many universal themes familiar to us all.