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A Journey


Artist: Maciek Pysz

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Maciek Pysz, Guitar | Yuri Goloubev, Bass | Asaf Sirkis, Drums | Daniele di Bonaventura, Piano and Bandoneon

Track Listing
1. Fresh Look | 2. Water Streets | 3. I Saw You Again | 4. Story Of a Story | 5. Paris | 6. Innocente | 7. Undeniable | 8. Until Next Time | 9. Always On The Move | 10. Peacefully Waiting | 11. Desert | 12. Coming Home


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Often compared to Pat Metheny and Al Di Meola, London/Paris based guitarist Maciek Pysz will release his new album “A Journey”. Recorded in December 2014 at the famous Artesuono studio in Italy, the album features the celebrated Daniele Di Bonaventura on piano and bandoneon along with bassist Yuri Goloubev and drummer Asaf Sirkis. In a recent review, UK based jazz journalist, Stephen Graham stated that Maciek is “…a major new presence on the jazz guitar scene”. With the release of “A Journey” Maciek has once again proven this statement to be true.