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Mark Zandveld – Zandzemble the reviews are in

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There are a few things that one needs to be aware of when listening to the compositions of Zandzemble. . It is the musical brain-child or musings of a thoughtful composer, Mark Zandveld using his genius to create lyrical, melodic tone structure while employing numerous natural
instrumentations or tones. The compositions speak for themselves, full of lyrical lines, well placed counterpoints and harmonic layering, influenced by the warmth of the Classical string and the tacit backline of Jazz styling’s, always there, expressive, raw and courageous.

Mark Zandveld – bass | Deborah J. Carter – vocals | Gunnar Graafmans – vibraphone , percussion | Jeen Rabs – guitar | Mirco Wessolly – 1st violin | Aili Deiwiks – 2nd violin | Yana Pelser – viola | Veit Steinmann – cello
Zandzemble has been getting great reviews:
“Open your ears, and just let what’s offered come over you, which is a lot, from the gorgeous voice of Deborah Carter to the inventive arrangements. A very special CD!” – Aad van Nieuwkerk, VPRO Radio
“The sounds of vibraphone and guitar, together with the string quartet, create a unique musical idiom. The refined arrangements of Mark Zandveld are tasteful and the compositions authentic. After hearing it, the listener wonders in pleasant amazement what to call this music” – NTB magazine

“jazz and classical music blend seamlessly into one another”
“beautiful, multifaceted compositions”
Hans Invernizzi, Jazzflits magazine