What is Zandscape? – 2 dictionary results:
Zand•scape [Zand-skeyp] noun,
1. a musical landscape created by Mark Zandveld.
2. a band playing the creations mentioned above.

Dot Time Records recording artists Zandscape is the brainchild of Dutch bassist Mark Zandveld. Teamed with vibraphonist Gunnar Graafmans (Holland/Sweden), guitarist Daniel “Tato” de Moraes (Uruguay) and drummer Enrique Firpi (Uruguay), he has found a combination that produces a unique sound, not only because of the less common instrumentation, and but also because the fresh variety of tunes – each has its own distinct character. The music is both melodic and adventurous, reminisent of 70’s ECM sound by Corea, Burton, Jarret, Metheny and Swallow, but with a contemporary dressing.

With this original material at hand, these experienced and world-travelled musicians take you on a trek through a musical landscape where one encounters beautiful harmonies, surprising grooves, sensitive ballads, and inventive improvisations.

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