Theo Jackson


Singer and pianist Theo Jackson writes inventive, thoughtful songs: “Before I even had a piano lesson I was trying to write songs. I would sit at our keyboard at home and poke at the keys; I would work out patterns and fit words and melodies”.

Theo is an exuberant and often eccentric and unpredictable live performer. He has appeared at the UK’s most prestigious jazz venues and festivals. He has worked alongside many of the most exciting young musicians in the country and has toured internationally.

His forthcoming release for Dot Time Records is largely a collection of Jackson’s original tunes.From “Bella’s Coming Home” – the tale of a young girl returning home after having run away – to “Shoeless and the girl”, many of his thoughtful songs are based on his observations of people while living in London.

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What The Press Are Saying

“Listen out for Jackson’s beguiling songwriting skills delivered via his strong earthy vocals and alluring charm.” Time Out London

“One of the most interesting composers and vocalists to emerge on the British scene in recent years, Jackson can flit between ballads and rapid-fire scatting in the blink of an eye.” The Daily Telegraph London

“One of the leading lights in the new wave of British jazz artists. Both creatively and technically Theo Jackson is ahead of the game.” Jazz FM Live