Mark Zandveld

Mark Zandveld is a bassist and thoughtful composer who’s releases on Dot Time Records signal a new direction in his musical career, expanding his original music. With Zandzemble his focus has shifted to the twilight zone between jazz and contemporary classical music.

Mark studied bass at the renowned Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood, where he completed his study receiving the “Yamaha Bass Player of the Year Award”. Not only a jazz player, he worked with several jazz, funk, soul, and rhythm & blues bands, amongst others: Lee Roberts & the Sweaters with soul legend Arthur Conley. After a stay in Portugal (worked with jazz vocalist Maria Viana a.o.), he lived several years in Spain.

Since meeting American jazz vocalist Deborah J. Carter there, Mark works steadily with (and is now married to) her. After moving to Amsterdam together, they produced a series of albums. In recent years their activities included jazz festival, theater and club concerts and seminars in Holland, China, Japan, Tunisia, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Belgium, Malta, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, France, England, Canada, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

In 2012, Mark released the first CD of his group Zandscape, for which he writes all the material. In 2016, he added a string quartet to record Zandzemble. His compositional skills are well received by the press:

“Open your ears, and just let what’s offered come over you, which is a lot, from the gorgeous voice of Deborah Carter to the inventive arrangements. A very special CD!” – Aad van Nieuwkerk, VPRO Radio.

“The sounds of vibraphone and guitar, together with the string quartet, create a unique musical idiom. The refined arrangements of Mark Zandveld are tasteful and the compositions authentic. After hearing it, the listener wonders in pleasant amazement what to call this music” NTB magazine.

“jazz and classical music blend seamlessly into one another” “beautiful, multifaceted compositions” – Hans Invernizzi, Jazzflits magazine