Maria Mendes

Maria Mendes is an undeniable talented Portuguese jazz singer with incredible inventive and unique vocal abilities. Maria is known for her crystal clear voice, creative and exciting phrasing and vocal virtuosity. All these qualities make her singing standing out elegance, charm and vivid charisma.

Her culturally rich background has supplied her with the Bossa Nova’s gentle grooves, the PortugueseFado’s melancholic singing, the American jazz of the early 50s and with the richness of the classical music.Carrying these natural abilities with her on stage, all over the world, has made her internationally acclaimed with rage reviews, winning significant awards and achieved a loyal following audience in each country she performs.

Maria Mendes was born in Oporto, Portugal. Since 2007 she is living  in The Netherlands. Maria studied Jazz at ESMAE music conservatory in Porto and at CODARTS music conservatory  in Rotterdam where in 2009 she concluded her master studies in Jazz performance.

In 2012 the Portuguese vocalist signed a worldwide recording contract with the New York based jazz label, DotTime Records. With the release of her debut album “Along the Road” Maria has drawn the attention of both jazz media and public, getting one of the songs from her album selected for the “Song of the Day” at the prestigious All About Jazz USA.