Andrew Read

The Andrew Read trio was formed in 1996 and comprises pianist Hans Kwakkernaat, drummer Erik Poorterman and bassist An­drew Read. Inspired by the great piano trios throughout history jazz, the trio’s style is rooted firmly in the Ame­rican jazz tradition however Euro­pean, and Latin influ­ences are never too far away. The trio’s repertoire consists of original compositions augmented with material drawn from the standard jazz repertoire.

The An­drew Read Trio per­forms regular­ly not only in trio formation but also as rhythm section for the historical big band project “The original swing” and other well known prominent jazz artists. Through years of regular perfor­man­ces the trio has achie­ved a level of musi­cal inter­play where each piece appears to be more of a three way con­versati­on rather than a soloist with accompaniment.

The trio’s first CD “Live in de Tor” and the follow up “Winter of my Dreams” featuring guest vocalist Lils Mackintosh and Sax player Wouter Kiers was a success generating substantial international sales. The year 2009 saw the release of the third CD “J.S.B” on Dutch label Aliud records. Dot time records is proud to release a number of previously released recordings from this trio under the titles “A2B” and “Through the years”.