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Spheres Of Monk



Scheduled Release Date: October 6th, 2017

Track Listing:


1. Round Midnight 9:19 | 2. Rhythm-A-Ning  3:29 | 3. Ruby, My Dear 6:52 |4. Blue Monk 3:41 | 5. In Walked Bud (Suddenly) 3:52 | 6. Pannonika (Little Butterfly) 5:39 |7. Straight No Chaser (Get It Straight) 2:22 |8. Crépuscule avec Nellie 5:12 | 9. Ask Me Now (How I Wish) 5:54 | 10. Well You Needn’t (It’s Over Now) 4:00 |11. Ugly Beauty (Still We Dream) 3:38 | 12. Epistrophy (Catch Me) 2:31


Dutch/German singer Marijke Jaehrling was stuck with Thelonius Sphere Monk’s music from the first time she heard his recordings with John Coltrane as a teen. Now, decades later, she decided to produce a tribute album with her own personal approach to Monk: In fresh vocalized versions these Bebop classics shimmer in contemporary colors. To some of Monk’s compositions Marijke wrote new lyrics, which narrate music and love, recounting the real life of Monk. Marijke and her young group of German talents create a specific and unique atmosphere to express the poetry, humor and tempo of the jazz legend.